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TJ's craft beer expo: May 30-31 If you care about the future of craft beer, here's a tip: Watch the border. "We are not quite there yet," said Walter Soto, secretary of the Asociación Cervecería Artesanales de Baja California (ACABC). "But we are making great strides because we are neighbors of San Diego and San Diego is a craft beer mecca, I dare say."
But Mexico's craft beer mecca, I dare say, is Baja California. The peninsula boasts more craft breweries in Baja (17) than any other Mexican region, and ACABC is the nation's largest beer group. That's why ACABC's beer festival in Tijuana, May 18 and 19, promises to be especially interesting. Many of the members will be showcased, including Tijuana's Rámuri, which in February won the top prize at Mexico's first national craft beer competition.
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